Monday, 25 April 2016

Fine and Frustrating !!!

Hopefully a few tips for you on the trials and tribulations of using fine yarns.

1 Knit slowly and at a steady pace.

2 Stand cones in plastic bags if yarn is not feeding very well and static is building up.

3 If you need to undo a few rows it is best to break this yarn and discard it as it has a tendency to twist on itself. (Especially if using Fine crepe yarns like Yeoman's fine crepe or Metropolitan's) Of course you should experiment as some yarns behave okay.

4 If I'm using 3 strands of yarn together I feed 2 strands through 1 feeder and 1 strand through another, adjusting yarn break Tension accordingly.
5 Care to be taken if swapping from 2 strands to 1 strand as in above pink garment as it is easy to get loops at start of rows. Pull yarn down gently at back of machine just before going into yarn tension feeder.

6 If you need to wind fine yarn from cone make sure you rewind again (So that it knits as if it coming off of the cone as it was first wound) These yarns tend to bias if not rewound again. This is a good tip for most yarns. It's all something to do with S or Z twist of the way that yarn is made ? Beyond me to explain I'm afraid !!!
Pink vest above knitted with 3 strands of fine crepe yarn. The turquoise sweater below was 2 strands of yarn plated together and all of the above apply for this method. Lilac cushion knitted with 3 strands of yarn and pink cushion 1 strand of a slub yarn.
Red Top  knitted with 2 strands of fine crepe yarn