Saturday, 19 March 2016

A weighting matter !!

I've always liked to have a bit of weight when I knit with the Japanese machines. The Brother cast on combs have never been a favourite of mine. I like to use the ribber comb to give me the even weight across my knitting.

Here's one of the ways I go about it.
 Pull every other needle to Holding position. Place ribber comb over required needles and attach peg or clip each end to hold comb up above needles.

Manually knit stitch back to NW Position

Remove pegs making sure that ribber comb drops in front of the gate pegs.

Hold comb firmly downwards and pull forwards so that stitches are pulled back to working position. ( You have large loose sts and ribber comb hanging lower down.)

Knit a few rows with waste yarn, bring all required needles to working position and knit a couple more rows waste yarn.
Knit 1 row nylon cord and continue to knit with main yarn.
There is also a quicker method using the ribbers sinker plate but you need to be very confident with your knitting machine and is not suitable for beginners.