Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Achieving a loose cast off row

The method below is how I go about achieving a loose cast off row.

Example:- Joining the shoulders on a garment.
Place sts held with waste yarn from one side of back of garment onto needles and push sts behind latches . Place appropriate front sts onto same needles, but place sts into hooks of needles, close latches and pull front sts through back sts so that you have one set of sts on needles.
Place green ruler or similar width item at back of needle bed and manually knit a loose row pulling stitch right back to ruler as shown below in photo's. You can then latch these sts off and you have a nice flexible cast off seam. 
I use it for joining sleeves, shoulders and necklines where you need some give in the seam.

Photo shows top of short rowed sleeve and shoulder join.

Some of the other knitwear I knitted last year.