Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Thing's I have felt !!!

Felting began a few years ago for me. I had lots of part cones of Shetland wool that needed using up and I was totally fed up with knitting garments with it. I decided to knit the yarn by casting on 180 sts and knitting until the yarn run out. It was then put in the washing machine and washed at 60% for 45 minutes, occasionally having to be run through machine twice.The resulting fabric is then heavily steam ironed until desired effect is achieved. The felted fabric has been in my stash for a long time until now when I decided to make some handbags with it.
 The bag above was cut to shape then embroidered with design .

The woven bag above, the felted flowers were cut to shape and then assembled.
The blue and white bag was knitted to shape from a pattern by Margaret Heck available from her website.
 This bag was also knitted to shape and then felted.I then knitted some flowers to decorate. The red and pink bags below were cut to shape and then sewn together and decorated. My first attempt at needle felt, think I need more practice!!!
The flowers at the bottom the petals and leaves were knitted, then felted and finally assembled into flower shapes. A pin was added at back so they can be worn as a brooch.