Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Novelty Hat

What fun I have had making this hat for our annual club competion. I decided on the hat shape which I  converted from a hand knit pattern, which was for a Christmas Elf hat.
 The shape I drew into the Designaknit programme and knitted the cone shape using 2 strands of Forsells shamal on the mid gauge machine. The green part was knitted using the garter carriage on my Brother 965i machine.

 The flowers etc have been sourced from various books/pamphlets and some designs of my own. The caterpillar and ladybird were adapted from a hand knit pattern.
 Some of the flowers have been hand knitted and some crocheted.

My latest garment is another pattern from the amazing Mary Anne Oger and is from one of her Knitwords magazines. You need your wits about you as there are lots of things happening at the same time.
i.e  tension changes and inc/dec occurring on both sides of the garment in different places. I found that the cheat sheet she advises is a great help.