Thursday, 18 July 2013

Wimbledon, Heat and Dressmaking again.

Whilst watching wimbledon this year I decided to have a go at Crochet again. I've finally got my head  around the instructions and managed to knit a square and some flower shapes. I still have to crochet like a knitter as I find it far to uncomfortable to use the left hand as per the instuctions. I've always managed to crochet around the edges of garments and blankets etc but never managed to complete anything else. So being an avid tennis fan enabled me to sit and watch TV and crochet and handknit.

A long way to go before I'm making a blanket but this is huge progress for me!!!

It's been far to hot to machine knit as my knitting room faces south so decided to do some sewing and have produced a couple of little girl's dresses. I.m really pleased with the results as I've not been sewing for ages. Thanks BBC for the Sewing Bee programme which has inspired me.

I did do some machine knitting before the heatwave and here are some of my latest efforts.

 Pink garment awaiting finishing!!!