Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Different machines same techniques

Being the lucky owner of different manufacturers machines I have the chance to try them out doing different techniques. When the ribber is used the differences show up so much more.
I have been demonstrating ribber work at my knitting club and wanting to encourage members to use their machines for projects other than  hems on knitwear.

I did my samples on the Brother 965i (Lighter Blue Photo's) Theses were all knitted at Tension 4/4 using 2/3ply yarns. The same tests were carried out on my Knitmaster 580 (Darker Blue Photo's) using the same ply yarn. 
This shows how the Tensions need to be varied from one machine to another. To find the balance on your machine try knitting a circular piece of knitting and change Tensions until main bed balances with ribber bed. Generally Knitmaster ribbers are set to 2 tensions higher than Main Bed.
Brother samples from bottom to top are 2 row Striper jacquard/1 row Striper/Birdseye jacquard/Tuck Birdseye/Tuck and slip Birdseye and finally Tuck 2 row jacquard.
Knitmaster Bottom to top 2 row striper/1 row striper/plain backed /Birdseye using RJ1 carriage/ Tuck jacquard/Tuck and Slip and finally Plain backed.

We had a hands on evening last week where members could try out different crafts and techniques. we had crochet taking place and I was showing how to Swiss darn and do some simple embellishments to knitwear. I made a plain jumper and placed some flowers randomly on it with some cross stitch. I will be giving it to one of my many female nieces that I have.

The hands on evenings are great fun and enjoyed by all members.