Saturday, 23 March 2013

My knitting club has now started again after a long break. We finish our club year in December and restart again in March. This is mainly due to weather conditions as quite a few of us have a way to travel. I would have not been able to get to Taunton (Taunton Machine Knitting Club) as the road I use was closed for 2 months due to flooding!!! It reopened a couple of days before our first meeting.
The topic for the meeting was Colours and picking a palette. One of our members gave an inspiring talk on using a colour wheel and making colour winds. Colour winds consist of winding various band widths of yarn onto rectangles of card and getting a feel for your colour choices. I will add some photo's at a later date. A good way of choosing colours comes from pictures, greeting cards etc and making a colour wind from them.
I will definitely use this for future projects.

I've at last taken photo's of the Gossamer jacket  I made. Pattern source is from Mary Anne Ogers Website. I'm very pleased with this Jacket except I did not position pattern correctly on needle bed and have ended up making the shawl collar in stocking stitch. The lace pattern should continue on the shawl collar. I will certainly make this one again and hopefully my brain will be in the correct gear!!! Appologies about the rubbish in the background. I will try to do better next time