Thursday, 21 February 2013

Knitters Block

I've finished knitting the Gossamer Jacket by MAOger but need to sew the garment up. There is some grafting of stitches at the back of the collar. I have to be in the right mood to sit down and take the time to do this carefully for best finish, so at present it is lying there waiting for the spirit to move.

I've also finished a childs garment by MAOger from her Knitwords magazine. The pattern is incorrect, the skirt part is fine but the yoke instructions are for half of the garment only. I ended up putting the yoke shape into the Designaknit programme and it worked out fine.

Now back to Knitters Block as I call it. I've knitted this swatch and I love the drape and feel of it. It's knitted in Yeoman Janeiro and a random Chenille I've had on the shelves for ages. I just don't know what to make with it, any suggestions?

Though as I'm looking at the swatch I'm thinking maybe a Dolman Sleeve!!!

Sunday, 3 February 2013

After a very frustrating morning knitting with Kid Mohair have decided that I would add to my Blog this afternoon.
I've started knitting Mary Anne Oger's Gossamer pattern available from her Website (Knitwords) It's absolutely gorgeous but the yarn availability is now in very short supply. I'm using the Kid Mohair mentioned above and have found it catches on the sinker posts so needs watching every row (Very tiring) Also dropped sts are very hard to see with the nature of the yarn. I'm sure it will turn out ok in the end. I will post a picture of the finished garment in the near future.

I came across a few more ribber hints that I've made. They are listed below.

When doing Full needle rib . Problem, carriage hard to push across needle bed, squealing sound. You may think you need to up the Tension but you do the opposite and reduce the Tension dial down until you are  knitting smoothly.

Manual wrap cast on. The main thing to remember is the way you wrap the needles. If needles are wrapped incorrectly you are unable to knit the first row. Think ribber needles CLOCKWISE and main bed needles ANTI-Clockwise. Mary Anne Oger has some excellent edging books with details of the manual cast on.

Flat Ribs. Useful when you don't want a rib that pulls in too muchand to avoid cling in garments. Cast on F/N/R  Knit circular rows and transfer main bed needles to ribber bed for required rib pattern.

I think I'll have another attempt at knitting now!!!