Thursday, 3 January 2013

Ribber Hints and Tips

Appologies for my sadly neglected blog. Excuses plenty but I won't bore you with them. Knitting also neglected due to lack of time and Christmas preparations.
I've decided to share some ribber tips that work well for me and I'm hoping they will be useful to other machine knitters.

If casting on in F/N/Rib or a type of Flat Rib, check that there are no breaks in the yarn on the cast on rows when you have knitted 10 or so rows. You may be able to feel a break or hole by running your hands along cast on edge. A torch is also useful for shining under the machine to see all is well.

A light pulling down on the centre of the ribber comb when knitting the first 50 or so rows of Jacquard, Half Fishermans rib helps stop edge needles bunching up or with the Jacquard setting helps when knitting with the Birdseye setting.

Knit a test piece of knitting over the maximum needles you will be using. Needle and sinker post problems are more likely to show up when using the ribber. There's nothing more disheartening than getting to the end of your knitting than to find you have a needle that has not been knitting the stitches off correctly and you have to undo your piece and start again.

After casting off stitches at armhole etc especially when casting off behind the sinker posts, make sure the yarn is in the feeder correctly and not caught around anything on main bed or ribber bed etc.

When using H/P check yarn in feeder before starting the next row, knit slowly pulling yarn down gently at back of ribber to make sure the next row knits ok.

Check ribber comb/wire not caught at edges after first few rows.

Check for burr/rough places on sinker plate. This can cause problems with yarn catching especially when knitting from RHS of needle bed. An emery board or sanding paper can help remove rough edges. Also pull down yarn at back of tension assembly when knitting from RHS.

These are problems I've encountered to my cost in the past. I hope they will save others from having any problems with ribber knitting. I will add to these hints as and when I think of anymore or if anyone has any tips please pass them on.