Saturday, 4 August 2012

I thought I'd add a hat pattern today. It's a pattern I created when asked by my knitting club to knit hats for are seamen. I'm told that they are given to them as part of an annual Christmas present.
I've knitted hundreds of them, they are very quick to knit. It makes a secure fitting and warm hat.
As knitted on Knitmaster 580 machine. Fine knit bar may be needed, but not always necessary. Yarn Brake Tension 7. Main Bed T7 and 1 dot. Ribber Bed T9 and 1 dot.

Yarn 3 strands 2/30s or equivalent.

Side weights needed. Move weights up every 50 rows or so.

Cast on 69/69 sts 2 by 2 rib. Knit 3 circular rows at 0/0.
Tension 4/4 Knit 10 rows.
M/T knit 210/220 (On last 10 rows I reduce sts by transferring some of the sts from each bed, to reduce number of sts) When you have reduced sts transfer all sts to main bed leave a long thread and thread through all sts. Pull sts as tightly as possible and sew long seam, thread through circular sts and draw edge up tightly as opposite end and fasten. Push one end of hat into itself to make double layered. Fold back brim to make 4 layers over ears.

By the way the red cardigan is beginning to grow on me now that it is nearly finished.